Ithaca meeting & association management is a specialized agency for event organization, content design and management of (inter) national meetings and related communication processes. Ithaca works for both government and business and has years of experience in developing appropriate communication concepts and organizing national and international (semi) scientific meetings and events.

We build on your event with empathy, creativity and expertise. With enthusiasm, careful coordination and flair, we can build bridges, move mountains and, if necessary, break iron with our hands. On all fronts and with all parties involved.

As experienced communication specialists, we regard an event as one of the media in the communication plan. An event is often an important medium for an organization, because making contacts and sharing knowledge is often one of the main goals of a project. A good “live” meeting offers the bestopportunities to meet each other and a unique opportunity to generate enthusiasm, team spirit and commitment. With or without the support of social media, which can have a reinforcing effect around an event.

In addition to a flawless logistical organization, our strength lies mainly in hitting the right string. Finding together with you the ideal combination between content, form, audience, recruitment and of course implementation. And to ensure that the content message is optimally highlighted.

We do not have the illusion that we have the wisdom in lease and that we can and know everything ourselves. Depending on the assignment and the related activities, Ithaca therefore involves other partners in carrying out the activities and makes use of its extensive network of colleagues and suppliers; a network of specialists who are perfectly attuned to each other and know exactly what they can do. As a result, you as a client are assured that Ithaca always has the right expertise in-house without having to worry about managing an entire team.