Joyce Bokhoven

The driving force behind Ithaca is Joyce Bokhoven. Joyce has many years of experience in organizing conferences and events. After her studies at the University of Leiden, she started an internship at Erasmus University Rotterdam where she organized many successful scientific conferences for many years. This varied from large (Pediatric Week Holland 1994) to small and behind closed doors (The Burght Conference 1992).

After Erasmus University, Joyce switched to Nexus Inter Academic Network in 1996, formerly a congress organization with a primary focus on in-service training for general practitioners and specialists using video conferencing, at the time still groundbreaking technology. These meetings took place in the USA and were transmitted via a live video feed to 4-6 local meetings in the Netherlands and Belgium.

During her time at EUR, Joyce received an assignment from the International Network of Green Planners (INGP). This client followed Joyce to Nexus and later the service from Ithaca was continued. For the INGP, many international meetings were organized for 10 years in places including Maastricht, Brussels (Belgium), San Francisco (USA), San José (Costa Rica), Curitiba (Brazil), Vienna (Austria) and Melbourne (Australia). In addition to the organization of these meetings, the daily management and secretariat of this Foundation were conducted by Ithaca until the association was dissolved.

At the end of 1998, Joyce transferred its activities to its own company, Ithaca. Since that time, Ithaca has been carrying out assignments for a wide range of organizations in the field of event organization and communication.

For more information, please find her LinkedIn profile.