Jos Burkx

Since May 2011 I have also joined the ranks of Ithaca. My specialty is association and interim management and especially where changes need to be made.

During my career I have had multiple roles, tasks and functions and combined them regularly. This was due to my own growth, the growth of my environment and my desire to be active in various areas. This, combined with a good track record, has resulted in great freedom and new challenges.

As a manager I have always been close to my employees, colleagues and clients, sometimes in a role as project owner, sometimes as an account or contract manager, often also as a line manager and coach.

I am at my best in an environment where something really happens and where decisions have to be made with respect and then continue with great enthusiasm. The result is important to me, but the road to it is not necessarily a straight line.

A prerequisite for such a working method is an open, honest and human approach to matters that fully pays for all concerned in the longer term.

Strong points that emerge from a profile survey are: relationship-oriented, self-confidence, decisiveness, impact / persuasion, initiative / drive, flexibility, taking leadership / leading, organizational sensitivity.

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